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Clock Coil & Clock Plate Information.

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Clock Coil & Clock Plate Information

Information on Telechron coils is intended as a user guide because many past repair people just grabbed any coil that they could get there hands on and for longer life of the clock and rotor, you should seriously consider replacing the coil if your is not the proper wattage. If your clock is "humming" and the rotor is not at fault, then your coil could be oversized for the field. Meaning that if your coil was replaced with an oversized coil, then that will produced a hum which some cannot diagnose. The "plate" over the back of the rotor has all the information you need. This plate cover contains the following information:
the "type" of rotor needed the volts (V) the current in cycles (CY)
the Model # [either the clock or the movement, not sure] (MOV) the RPM's of the rotor (RPM) the wattage required (W)

All coils cost $150.00 plus the $20.00 shipping (Canada is $45.00), if that is all you order, otherwise the same shipping package can be used if you order the motor/rotor at the same time, so no additional shipping costs are necessary. All the coils I sell are used but carry a 2-year warranty. If you want to send in the clock for coil replacement, please be advised that shipping will jump from $20.00 to $130.00 with everything else staying the same. The increase covers return shipping and insurance and includes my labor charge of $100.00 for the replacement ($300.00 total). Any coil of the same wattage will work but the inside diameter is slightly different for each and the tightest fitting coil will give the best results.  What I'm saying is that if you need a coil and the coil # is not legible then you should send the field and old coil and I'll find the best fitting good coil and return same.  The cost is the same $150.00 plus shipping. To insure a tight fit, all Telechron coils are mounted on the field with a bent piece of mainspring steel between the inside of the coil and the field. This keeps the coil in place and dramatically cuts down on vibrations. Please be sure to reuse this piece if you install the coil yourself. For the best possible fit, it would behoove you to send the old field so that I can choose the right coil. Coils come in many different inside diameters and the tightest fitting works the best and reduces noise. I can also solder on a lamp cord of whatever length you need. This cord will connect to the "black box" on some and directly to the power source on others. I ONLY sell 2 and 4 watt coils. This will fit about 99% of the Telechron, Revere, and Herschede applications.
The 6 watt # 37 coil is extremely rare and only available with the purchase of a complete 60 RPM motor.

One thing you can do before you send in the motor (coil, field, & rotor) is to take a Multimeter or Volt/Ohm meter, these are less than $20.00 at any hardware store, and with no current on the clock, set the meter to Ohms and touch the two leads to the end of the wires or the posts on the coil where the wires connect and see if you get a reading. Just about any reading is a good one. But if you get no reading what-so-ever then the motor's coil is dead and you'll need a replacement coil.  
Wattage   Coil Number          Comments
12 37-W This would have two fields and coils.
8 48-W This would have two fields and coils.
6 37-W  
6 46-W  
5 45-W  
4 90-W This is 220 volts
4 52-W  
4 48-W  
4 44-W  
3 68-W  
2 10-W This is 20 volts for NuTone door bell systems.
2 12-W This is 20 volts for NuTone door bell systems.
2 14-W This is 24 volts for a Rittenhouse or Nutone door bell system.
2 56-W  
2 60-W  
2 61-5 -W  
2 65-W  
2 70-W  
2 75-W  

All checks must be made out to Mike Murray because I gave up my business checking. I would like payment by money order, certified check, personal check, business check, or through Pay Pal or Square, which is the only way I take credit cards. I do prefer a check over Pay Pal or Square because Pay Pal and Square take 3%. I only take credit cards if you are in the USA or Canada. The 3% is added to the total bill if you use a credit card. With Pay Pal you can pay me directly using "friends and family" where you absorb all fees and I'm paid the full amount. There would be nothing added amount to the final fill if you absorb all fees. Here you log on to Pay Pal and send me the full amount of my bill, so there is no E-voice coming from me with this method and you will be charged all Pay Pal fees on top of my final bill. With either Pay Pal or Square, I will send an invoice to your E-mail address. Here you are dealing directly with either service and not me. You do not have to be a member of Pay Pal or Square in order to issue a payment but the 3% will be added to your total bill. All of the added fees are exactly what either service charges me for taking your credit card. You should realize that a Telechron coil will effectively replace the Hammond coil, if the need should arise, with the same wattage considerations.
Some have indicated to me a fear of the clock shorting out or becoming a fire hazard. If that's the case then purchase a power strip and only plug the clock into it. This way you have a fuse to stop an overload before it feeds back into your household or office wiring. Honestly, I have never heard of an electric clock causing a fire but putting in a power strip may ease some fears.
For return shipping I use USPS for all shipping. If you want to use another carrier then you will have to arrange everything for shipping, meaning I hand the box to the driver, get a receipt and nothing else.

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